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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Buzzocracy?


Buzzocracy is a communication platform where students can anonymously submit, vote, and collaborate with administrators and Student Government on ideas to improve their college campuses.

Our mission is to connect students with ideas, suggestions, and concerns with people that can put them in motion.
A buzz is an idea, suggestion, concern, or grievance that students want resolved.
To vote for a buzz means that you are signifying you support a particular buzz or issue on your campus.
Yes, but every user is required to confirm an .edu school email address in order to participate. After a .edu email address is verified, users are assigned a random username so users can feel more comfortable speaking their minds. In other words, your identity is hidden!
Buzzocracy is free for students.

If you are a campus administrator or Student Government representative we offer Buzzocracy Connect as a premium service that lets you collaborate and respond to student buzzs.
Buzzocracy Connect is a special portal for student organizations and campus administrators to communicate, collaborate, and respond to student buzzs. For more information about features, pricing, and membership plans go here.
We're sorry evidently we haven't added your school yet! Please submit a request to let us know how much your campus needs Buzzocracy and we can get your school added!

Request to add your school by clicking here.
It takes less than a minute to register with Buzzocracy, including verifying your email address!
We're sorry, we must not have all the email address formats for your school. Please contact us and we will correct the problem as soon as possible!


Anything and everything that could use some improvement or attention from someone on your campus!

No issue or problem is too small or large for Buzzocracy. From common campus issues, like parking and campus dining options, to less common problems, like stinging bees or smelly roommates, Buzzocracy is the solution.
Simply register for Buzzocracy with a valid .edu email address and then click the “Submit a buzz” button. If you can’t find your school, request it here!
Use thought-provoking titles, keep your buzzs concise but as specific as possible, keep content “work-safe”, and leverage social media to gain support for your cause.

Once you submit your buzz, we encourage you to use the built-in sharing feature that allows you to anonymously share your buzz with your student newspaper, Student Government, Office of Campus Life, Facebook, and Twitter!
When a buzz is marked as resolved it signifies that the original buzzr went back to their buzz and indicated that their issue was resolved and they are satisfied. The original buzzr is the only one who can mark a buzz as resolved.
When a buzz is marked as acknowledged it means that an administrator or organization has formally responded to the buzz.

Buzzocracy Connect:

Buzzocracy Connect is a portal used by student leaders and campus administrators to communicate with our student website - Buzzocracy.

Buzzocracy Connect is a dashboard that gives student group leaders more control, transparency, and efficiency when managing their organization.

When students have problems they use Buzzocracy. When student leaders want to solve those problems they use Buzzocracy Connect.
We realize that student organizations are on a tight budget and have priced that in mind. For a full list of features and membership pricing go here.
Buzzocracy Connect is a special portal for student organizations and campus administrators to communicate, collaborate, and respond to student buzzs. For more information about features, pricing, and membership plans go here.

Security & Policy:

Buzzocracy adheres to its Privacy Policy and User Agreement, which state that we will never share your information with a third-party, including your respective school or university, unless required by law.
Buzzocracy was not built for reporting criminal or illegal activity. We strongly encourage our users to contact the proper authorities in such cases.
We promote respectful, productive discussions on Buzzocracy, and encourage users to report any content that may be offensive or contain sensitive information.
If you’re buzz or comment was removed by our moderation staff, it’s likely it violated our User Agreement. Examples of unacceptable content or behavior include:

  • - abuse, harassment, threats, flaming or intimidation of any person or organization
  • - engaging in or contributing to any illegal activity or activity that violates others’ rights
  • - use of derogatory, discriminatory or excessively graphic language
  • - providing information that is false, misleading or inaccurate
If your account has been banned it is likely you exhibited egregious behavior, or you repeatedly violated our User Agreement.
We don’t know why you would ever want to, but sure! Contact us with your reason for wishing to deactivate your account and include your account email address.

Business & Partnerships:

Yes, you can contact our advertising department for more information on how to advertise within Buzzocracy.
The Buzzocracy team is constantly growing and looking for new talent. Search our Jobs page for more information about opportunities that may be available in your area.
Buzzocracy reviews expansion of our platform and technology on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information. We’d be happy to discuss bringing Buzzocracy to you!