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What to Do (and Not to Do) After Being Arrested

Remain calm and collected to give your attorney the best chance to protect your rights.  Have a support system in place for emotional and financial help.  Follow instructions, remain respectful, and remember your rights.  Understand the charges, get an experienced lawyer, and don’t speak without one present.  Have your attorney guide you through the process

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The Evolution of Freedom of Expression

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and several other international human rights treaties, everyone has the right to freedom of expression. Although this right is not guaranteed in all circumstances, it may be subject to restrictions depending on the situation. In recent years, the scope of what falls under freedom of expression has

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How to Increase Your Sexual Confidence by Embracing Your Femininity

Many women feel they must prove themselves when exploring their sexuality and taking charge of their femininity. It can be intimidating to take that first step, but does it really have to be overwhelming? According to a recent study, nearly 60% of women report feeling sexually confident. But what does it mean to feel sexually

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Financial Literacy 101: Teaching the Basics to your Community

Though the basics of financial literacy may be easy to understand, they are still vitally important for everyone to know. Financial literacy is understanding financial concepts and making informed money decisions. It covers various topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and insurance. While it is never too late to learn about personal finance, it

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Why You Should Join NGOs

Many people in today’s society want to do something with their lives that will make a positive contribution to the world. And one way of doing this is to volunteer for non-governmental organizations or known as NGOs. NGOs are different from typical charities because they are usually not funded by large groups. Instead, they rely

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Preparing the Community for Winter during a Pandemic

Even though winter is a few months away, it’s always a good idea to prepare for it ahead of time. Preparing for the cold season is essential, especially with the pandemic yet to end. While isolation is not necessary after everyone gets vaccinated, people still have to be prudent with the emergence of new variants

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Raise Your Kids to Fight the Negative Effects of Technology

We live in a world that has become increasingly more networked and intertwined in countless ways. Even as the pandemic has temporarily suspended our usual way of life, enforcing social isolation measures across the globe, it has also proven how we are all connected. Advances in international travel make it possible for people to go

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Three Budget-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Workplace

Workplace productivity is a critical component of any business’ success. And among all the factors that can affect it, employee satisfaction is perhaps the most impactful. If every member of the team is happy and healthy, they can perform all of their tasks efficiently and without fail. This then drives workplace productivity upwards. Now, one

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